Vietnamese Delivery Zine



Vietnamese Delivery is an illustration zine, curated and illustrated by An. It is a collection of various aspects of the delivery service here.


In Vietnam, motorbike are the main form of transportation. People go to school, to work, and deliver packages on those tiny vehicles. Legally, you are only allowed to have at most 2 people on a motorbike, but of course, if your are a Vietnamese, you know that rules are born to break. It is absolutely reckless yet adorable at the same time. Through this project, I hope to deliver a funny, creative, and fascinating aspect of those who work in the delivery industry.



Illustrations are inspired by the everyday image of those who work in this industry. It wouldn't be wrong to claim that these guys have the whole work on their back. From loosely attached gas tanks, pigs to fridge and ducklings. 

In the zine, each page of illustration is accompany with a number which stands for the amount of items the persons in currently carrying.



Design, Illustration, and Photography An Ho

Special thanks to Tuan Anh Ha


On sale at Boston Book Art Fair and New York Print Fair



Year: September, 2020

Dimensions: w13 x h13 cm

Material: Inkjet Printed Zine

© 2020 By An Ho